Bananas & Breakfast—Where to Start?

I toss on my jacket and step out into the apartment parking lot. As the car warms up, I make a mental note to say hello to the new neighbors when I get off work today. They’re moving from another corner of the metroplex, but before that they lived in Honduras. Or was it Guatemala? I’ll find out this evening.

I turn out of the driveway, on my way to work.

Bananas! I remember that I need to get some today during my lunch break. On the way to my school, I pass a Braum’s, but they’re not open yet. Next comes El Ranchero, Hong Kong Market, Kroger’s, Aldi’s… That’s five potential banana vendors, and I’ve still got a mile before I get to the school. I wonder where my students get their bananas?

One day I’ll check out Hong Kong Market or El Ranchero – their ads sometimes have decent produce prices, and bell peppers can be so expensive – but even though I have friends who work there, I’m still kind of wary of standing out or of making an embarrassing shopper’s faux pas.

Driving through Richardson can feel like international travel, and that’s one reason I love it. I love being able to shop in a Vietnamese grocery store and hang out with friends from around the world without even having to leave the suburbs. Still, I sometimes pass up opportunities to interact with a neighbor or try out a new restaurant simply because I’m nervous, I’m uncomfortable, because I don’t want to make a mistake.

The focus of this year’s women’s mission breakfast is tearing down the barriers that make us shy to cross cultural lines and spend time with our neighbors. Lisa Goins, recently returned from Indonesia, has absolutely packed the morning with amazing discussions and activities that we hope you will talk about for months to come! In other words, don’t show up expecting Pop-tarts, pancakes and casual ice breaker games ;). As always, it will be a fantastic time of fellowship with friends you love and with wonderful women you have yet to meet.

Traveling abroad is full of surprises. So is this year’s breakfast! Please pray for our time together, and bring your open mind and open heart. Expect to leave more equipped for fellowship with your neighbors, whether they’re from Plano or Papua New Guinea.

Breakfast is 9:30-11am, Saturday, March 3rd in the Youth Room at TFC. Daughters old enough to have fun with their moms at the breakfast are welcome to join!

Liz Shaw
TFC Missions Committee


One Response to Bananas & Breakfast—Where to Start?

  1. Cindy says:

    My curiosity is definitely piqued! And my apprehension also got a shot of adrenaline! Why is it we are all so afraid of standing out,
    embarrassing ourselves, or doing/saying the wrong thing? Thanks for shining the light on this in a real way Liz. Okay, I’m ready to be stretched, I guess…

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