Wild Things and Our Worship Together

Just over a month ago close to 40 dads and sons headed out on the TFC “Wild Things Father/Son Camp Out” into the Oklahoma wilderness together.  The weekend focused on “Finding Our Way” following after Christ as the men & boys camped, hiked, sang, prayed, shared stories, asked questions into each other’s hearts, ate, and digested God’s Word , together in the Oklahoma wilderness.  Check out some pics from that memorable weekend.

God often takes us “into the wilderness” – individually and as a church. Yet He does not abandon us to find our way on our own. For we are children of wrath and experts at getting and being lost.  And He is available to help us “Find Our Way.”

Together, this Sunday,  we have the privilege of worshipping the Triune God of grace with a single service at 9:30 am.  This new, summer schedule, single worship service will be followed by a  “connection” hour with ministry programs for children, youth, and adults. The adult class options are listed below along with the youth and children’s ministry line-ups. Note that missionaries Jesse and Trish Marcos (with Campus Crusade for Christ in Bologna, Italy) will be with us and sharing about their ministry in room A3. Come hear, get to know, and encourage them. And don’t forget that the fellowship hall remains open for, well – fellowship. Plan to visit with and enjoy the company of others with whom we enjoy life together in Christ.

If you were with us last Sunday, or listened online at http://www.trinityfellowship.org, the message was from Isaiah 30— that God is sovereign and good. He is in control of our situation and our church. And He has not left us alone in the wilderness. Christ guides our way when we turn to Him to find rest. And the Holy Spirit leads us in love – a growing love expressed towards God and with each other.

May God continue to direct our paths clearly as a church family…

Together in Christ Jesus,

Keith Hileman


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